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Hi, I'm Kehan.

I‘m a product designer with 2+ years of experience. I design tomorrow's products with vision and precision. Previously at UNDP and S&P Global.

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Kehan's positive attitude, strong work ethic, and eagerness to learn have made her a valuable asset to our team. She has consistently taken initiative, sought out opportunities for growth, and delivered high-quality work. I have no doubt that Kehan will continue to excel in her future endeavors and make significant contributions wherever she goes.

Malak El Dardiri, UX Designer at UNDP

Projects, case studies... or whatever you call it.

Optimizing Workflow Through Custom Collection Revamp

Streamline Engineering Workbench’s standards management process in order to improve the overall usability for customer administrators and reduce the burden on sales representatives.

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To raise college students’ awareness of healthy eating habits such as eating slowly, on time and consuming healthy food

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Looks like you've reached the end of my portfolio!

Thanks for exploring! Excited to hear from you soon.

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Create Video Markup Tools for a Screen Recording App Snagit

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Weather Kids: design a special campaign website to raise climate change awareness

Weather Kids is designed to raise awareness about climate change, inspire action, and gather pledges for Earth Day 2024

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